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Build a feedback culture so there's no need to wait for the annual performance review. Develop engaged and high-performing teams with Big Mouth Survey.

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Drive employee and company performance by checking in on them, and through continuous feedback and praise they deserve.

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Employee feedback

Big Mouth Survey provides cutting edge technology for businesses that understand the importance of collecting feedback data directly from the employee to improve company culture and prevent churn.

Employee Engagement



  • A user’s identity is secure and will never be revealed to their company –  anonymity is our commitment to you.
  • Empower your employees to feel safe anonymously speaking up and voicing their opinions about harassment, bias, culture, and other vital workplace issues.
  • Big Mouth Survey uses multiple security measures to ensure the safety and security of your employees’ identities and your company data.
  • Comfortable And Accessible interface
  • Secure Communication Channel
  • Actionable Insights

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