Referrals without the hassle

The absolute best way to grow your business is customer referrals. Why not ask for one when a participant indicates a positive experience?

Let Big Mouth Survey automate referrals and dramatically increase growth for your business.

Have your customers do your marketing for you

Create custom referral and loyalty programs to turn your happiest customers into your newest stream of revenue. With Big Mouth Survey custom referral campaigns, they’ll sing praises about the experience you provide across multiple channels, creating powerful word of mouth to bring in their friends, family, and colleagues.

93.7% of consumers trust guidance from people they know.
37% higher retention rate. Customers who are referred churn less often and are 4-5x more likely to refer new customers.

Put your referral program on auto-pilot

Guaranteed to dramatically augment word-of-mouth referrals.

  • Providing carefully designed, easy way for customers to use social media, email and text message to bring family and friends to your business.
  • Run multiple reward strategies and track conversions to optimize for best results.
  • We analyzed hundreds of successful and failing referral programs to create the monster of referral programs guaranteed to work for your business

I cannot say enough good things about your platform. We started with workflows for feedback and online reviews capture after each job. We then worked with Magnus from BMS to create a custom referral program for our moving company. The response to the campaign was the first time ever 15 new referrals from existing customers. We usually get 2-3/month. Can't wait to see what you come up with next.

Amal Ahmed / Operations Manager, New Horizon Movers

A trusted referral influences people more than the holy grail of advertising.”

Andreas Makris